Acceptable Worship is Pure and Simple

Every sovereign, as every court, has a right to regulate the manner in which petitioners shall approach. Nothing more effectually destroys all acceptableness in worship than that our fear towards God be taught by the precept of men. Isa. 29.13. Compare Matt. 15.9. Acceptable worship is therefore pure and simple, and free from superstition, pomp, and idle ceremony. All will-worship and all displays of magnificence invented by man are an offence to God. True worship, like real “beauty, when unadorned is adorned the most.” We may not, therefore devise any false worship, Num. 15.37-40; nor recommend it to others, Deut. 13.6, 7, 8; nor enjoin it upon others, Hosea 5.11; nor use it ourselves, 1 Kings 11.33; nor in any wise countenance it. Rev. 2.14.

~ William S. Plumer, “The Law of God as Contained in the Ten Commandments”

Source:, Comment #15


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