Both We And The Day Are Hallowed Thereby

Nicholas Bownd:

“The second and last part of this commandment is that we carefully spend the day of rest upon the holy service of God alone; which though it is last in order, yet is the chief and principal thing in the commandment, and that whereunto the ceasing from labor is to be referred, and without which the other is imperfect, and as it were, a |286| shadow without the body. Which that it is so indeed, appears by the very words of the Lord, and the order of them pronounced from heaven, as we have already seen: “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” Which also, Moses precisely commands in repeating the law to the Isrælites, before his death, “Observe the Sabbath day to sanctify it, as the Lord thy God has commanded thee” (Deut. 5:12). Which day we are then rightly said “to sanctify” or “keep holy,” when we bestow it upon the service of God, which is most holy; and so (by making it proper unto that which is holy) both we and the day are hallowed thereby.”

~“Sabbathum Veteris Et Novi Testamenti: or, The True Doctrine of the Sabbath” (1606; Naphtali Press forthcoming, 2015) 286.



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