Christian Worship Should Not Be Like Pagan Worship

A great quote from Kgarraway at the Confessional Puritan Board on Exclusive Psalmody:

PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:53 am Reply with quote

I was reading Arrian’s Anabasis on the way home. Here is a quote, “Callisthenes interposed and said, “O Anaxarchus, I openly declare that there is no honor which Alexander is unworthy to receive, provided that it is consistent with his being human; but we have made distinctions between those honors which are due to men and those due to gods, in many different ways, fs for instance by the building of temples and by the erection of statues. Moreover for the gods sacred inclosures are selected, to them sacrifice is offer, and to them libations are many. Hymns also are composed in honor of the gods and eulogies for men” Anabasis IV Chap 9.11

How am I now a rabid EPer based on the above quote? Check out the bolded parts. All pagan worship is a created act of the worshipper to the god. Everything is created from the temples, the ceremonies, the sacrifices and even the hymns that are sung in praise.(its purely a creative process that comes solely from the mind of man) The God of the Bible in His Holiness is totally contrary. All worship to Him must be designed by Him hence without the contamination of creatures. Hence the Tabernacle, The Temple, the Sacrifices, the Ceremonies and even the Hymns/Psalms were and are designed by Him. (This eerily mirrors Predestination).

From this point when we come to the NT, there can never be a reversion to the pagan way of doing things, no not ever. Worship ought to be more consistent with God’s revelation. Hence composed songs ought not to be used.


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