God Hates All Strange Fire

Avoid superstition, which is a bridge leads over to Rome. Superstition is the bringing in any ceremony, fancy, or innovation into God’s worship, which he never appointed. This is very provoking to God, because it reflects much upon his honour, as if he were not wise enough to appoint the manner of his own worship. God hates all strange fire to be offered in his temple, Lev. 10.1. A ceremony may in time bring to a crucifix. They who contend for the cross in baptism, why may they not as well have the oil, salt, and cream, the one being as ancient as the other? Such as are for altar-worship, they who will bow to the east, may in time bow to the host. Take heed of all occasions of idolatry; idolatry is devil-worship, Ps. 106.37.

~ Thomas Watson, “A Body of Practical Divinity”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f67/annual-im-giving-up-popish-man-made-holy-days-lent-thread-82498/, Comment #15


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