“No images!” is God’s moral rule for all time

Dr. C. Matthew McMahon:

Christendom has a bad habit of continually reenacting historical mistakes. There are a number reasons for why this is the case. Citing them could take quite some time in a paper dedicated all its own to the task. But the mere fact that heresy and error plague the church in light of the “age of information” is astounding. Any Christian can set themselves for one hour in front of their computer and access millions of pages of text, treatises, sermons, books, and tracts on various religious subjects by CD-Rom or the Internet. With such a wealth of information at our fingertips you would think that the church at large would learn from its mistakes, or at least become aware of why they believe what they do in light of the history of the church. Yet, even with such information at our beck and call, modern Christendom continues to believe repackaged lies that contribute to its degradation and deter it from its needed reformation.

One of the more “touchy” issues in the contemporary church today is the controversy over images or pictures of Jesus Christ. Those who hold to the position of accepting images and pictures of Christ as “harmless” do so with little effort. (Now, I am making a huge distinction between Roman Catholics and Protestants here. Roman Catholicism is in a class all its own since the detrimental acceptance of relics and icon worship given in the 8th century. This we will revisit later.) When I refer to the “church” here, I am speaking about Protestant Churches who hold to this position, even those that hold steadfastly to the confessions of the Reformation (or at least give them lip service.) Their argument is very simple and it stands upon two maxims: 1) The pictures used are not being worshipped, and, 2) Jesus Christ was also a man, and there is no harm whatsoever of depicting him in that nature since he was, as the creeds say, “very man.”

The contemporary church has almost no idea about the controversies that engulfed the position they hold concerning the acceptance of images or pictures of Christ. Ignorantly, they have set themselves above and beyond the practices of the early church, have scorned the Reformation, and have aligned themselves with some of the most deviant heretics in the history of the church when they ascribe to the practice of allowing images of Christ to adorn their homes and churches…

Read more: http://www.apuritansmind.com/the-christian-walk/the-tract-series/icons-graven-images-and-the-church-by-dr-c-matthew-mcmahon/


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