Thou Shalt Not Make, Be Thou Pope, King, Parliament, Minister, Private Person, Synod, or Council

All holy ordinances and parts of worship, God has reserved to himself the making of them for us, saying, with respect to these, Thou shalt not make them to thyself. Men are said, in scripture, to make a thing to themselves, when they make it out of their own head, without the word of God for it. But when they make any thing according to God’s word, God is said to do it, Matth. xix. 6. If there be not then a divine law for what is brought into the worship and ordinances of God, it is an idol of men’s making, a device of their own. And so Popery, Prelacy, ceremonies, and whatsoever is without the word, brought in God’s matters, is overturned at once by his word, Thou shalt not make, be thou Pope, King, parliament, minister, private person, synod, or council.

~ Thomas Boston, “Works” (Vol. II)

Source:, Comment #15


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