We Want to Sing the Name of Jesus!

“We don’t sing the Psalms in our church because they don’t mention Christ.”

That’s probably the #1 objection to singing the Psalms in worship. Setting aside the fact that the Psalms do (to put it mildly) “mention” Christ — after all, they are largely about Him, which is no wonder since He wrote them — that they prophesy His ministry, suffering on the cross, resurrection and rule over all creation — the fact is that the Psalms do not contain the words “Jesus” or “Christ.” Those words are not found in any of the 150 Psalms.

If the standard that governs what we are to sing in worship is only songs that use the words “Jesus” or “Christ” — and please tell me where in the Bible we find that commanded — then we ought to take a close look at popular hymns with that standard in mind. How many of them include the words “Jesus” and/or “Christ”? I went to http://www.hymnlyrics.org/ and clicked on “Popular Hymns” and read all the lyrics.  I also read all the lyrics to “The 100 Most Popular Christian Hymns” at http://www.popularhymns.com/  And I read the lyrics to all the hymns at http://www.hymnlyric.com.

I was amazed at what I found. Or more accurately, what I didn’t find.

Read the rest:  http://worldunderchrist.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/605/


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