Were The Israelites Exclusive Psalmists?

Danny Prutow:

Introduction. In his article, “The Israelites Were Not Exclusive Psalmists (Nor Are We),” appearing in The Aquila Report and in the OPC’s Ordained Servant Online, Professor T. David Gordon weighs in against exclusive Psalmody. “I myself not only do not believe in exclusive psalmody, I believe it was an extremely late development in Christianity, and that not even the Old Testament saints were exclusive psalmists. What follows is an abbreviated discussion of the five grounds on which I conclude that even the Israelites were not exclusive psalmists.”[1]

Having been asked by a former student to respond to Dr. Gordon and encouraged to do so by one of my seminary colleagues, I offer the following answers to the five grounds of Professor Gordon’s argument.  Much more detailed argumentation can be found in my recent textbook, Public Worship 101: An Introduction to the Biblical Theology of Worship, the Elements of Worship, Exclusive Psalmody, and A Cappella Psalmody.

Read more: http://dennyprutow.com/a-response-to-the-israelites-were-not-exclusive-psalmists-nor-are-we-2/


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