Where, or When Did I Command This, or That?

“Human prudence is too low to parallel Divine wisdom; it is an incompetent judge of what is fit for an infinite Majesty. It is sufficiently seen in the ridiculous and senseless rites among the heathens. …What work will human wisdom make with divine worship, when it will presume to be the director of it, as a mate with the wisdom of God! whence will it take its measures, but from sense, humor and fancy? as though what is grateful and comely to a depraved reason, were as beautiful to an unspotted and Infinite Mind. Do not such tell the world, that they were of God’s cabinet council, since they will take upon them to judge, as well as God, what is well-pleasing to him? Where will it have the humility to stop, if it hath the presumption to add any one thing to revealed modes of worship 2. How did God tax the Israelites with making idols “according to their own understanding” (Hos. xiii. 2)! imagining their own understandings to be of a finer make, and a perfect mould than their Creator’s; and that they had fetched more light from the chaos of their own brains, than God had from eternity in his own nature. How slight will the excuse be, God hath not forbidden this, or that, when God shall silence men with the question, Where, or when did I command this, or that?”

~ Stephen Charnock, “Discourses Upon the Existence and Attributes of God”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f67/annual-im-giving-up-popish-man-made-holy-days-lent-thread-82498/, Comment #16


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