The Lord’s Supper is Not a Sacrifice

J.C. Ryle:

“Does the English Prayer-book warrant any Churchman in saying that the Lord’s Supper was meant to be a “sacrifice”, and that Christ’s body and blood are “present” under the forms of bread and wine? Once more I reply, most certainly not! Not once is the word altar to be found in the Prayer-book: not once is the Lord’s Supper called a sacrifice. Throughout the communion service the one idea of the ordinance continually pressed on our attention is that of a remembrance of Christ’s death. As to any presence of Christ’s natural body and blood under the forms of bread and wine, the rubric at the end of the service gives the most flat and distinct contradiction to the idea. That rubric expressly asserts the “natural body and blood of Christ are in heaven, and not here.” Those many Churchmen, so-called, who delight in talking of the “altar”, the “sacrifice”, the “priest”, and the “real presence” in the Lord’s Supper, would do well to remember that they are using language which is entirely unused by the Church of England.”

Source:, Comment #13


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