A Pagan Festival That Is Unbiblical And Superstitious

Brian Schwertley:

“Those who want to circumvent the fact that Halloween is papal/pagan will sometimes contend that such practices no longer bear pagan connotations. They will say that such practices occurred so long in the past that it is silly to make an issue out of them. Such things are now just a harmless fun. Regarding this all too common way of reasoning, we offer the following observations. First, this is essentially an argument that Halloween is a matter that is adiaphora or theologically and ethically indifferent. The problem with this viewpoint is that pagan customs (especially ones with religious presuppositions and connotations) cannot be regarded as something indifferent. There are many indifferent cultural customs such as wearing wooden shoes, playing baseball, baking apple pie, growing tomatoes and peppers, and wearing certain types of clothing. Obviously, God does not care if we wear wooden shoes or cook pierogies and there is nothing intrinsically pagan or unethical about growing tomatoes or baking apple pie. (But, all these things must be done to God’s glory [1 Cor. 10:31] according to the general principles of the Word [1 Cor. 14:26, 40] with a spirit of thankfulness for what we have [1 Thess. 5:18].) Halloween, however, is not indifferent or ethically neutral. It is regarded as a holy day by Roman Catholics as well as witches, pagans and satanists. It arose out of apostate Christianity and Celtic heathenism. Moreover, even today, it still contains many heathen, objectionable and immoral customs. It is not a mockery of Satan and death as Jordan arbitrarily asserts, but essentially is a celebration of the devil, evil and death. It has more in common with a heathen chaos festival than it does a Christian barbecue, softball game or fellowship dinner. Consequently, we must have nothing to do with it, even though most people think it is just innocent fun. Are Jordan, Mathis and Wedgeworth asking us to take dominion over our heathen culture or are they making clever excuses so that Christians can adopt or incorporate heathen cultural practices into their lives without feeling guilty? One cannot circumvent the fact that Halloween is not a blueberry festival or beer gala, or garlic jubilee. It is a pagan festival that is unbiblical and superstitious.”

Source: “Halloween: A Biblical Critique of James Jordan and American Vision,” pages 21-22, http://www.reformedonline.com/uploads/1/5/0/3/15030584/halloween.pdf

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