The Church Playing God And Acting Humanistically

Brian Schwertley:

“That “all hallows eve” or “all saints day” is unscriptural even without the Celtic pagan additions is obvious, for (1) we have no command, precedent or example for it in the Old or New Testament; (2) the Roman Catholic holy day involved the worshiping of relics, prayers for the dead, the adoration and worship of martyrs, prayers to prominent dead saints, processions for the dead and masses for the dead; (3) in celebrating it we express a religious homage not to God who never commanded it, but to corrupt church authorities and the pope who appointed it on their own authority, which is nothing but the commandment and doctrine of man. Thus, it is not the church taking dominion over Satan’s realm, but the church playing God and acting humanistically.”

Source: “Halloween: A Biblical Critique of James Jordan and American Vision,” pages 3-4,

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