Utterly Abolished

Brian Schwertley:

Does the church or general assembly or pope have the authority to declare a day to be holy, or sanctified or set apart that is not authorized by the word of God? The answer to this question is no. Presbyterians are supposed to believe and teach that the church’s job is purely ministerial and that it is only to require what the Bible requires. It is only to authorize what is authorized by Scripture. Thus, the Scottish Presbyterian First Book of Discipline says, the “keeping of holy days…, all those that the papists have invented, as the feast…of Christmas [or “all hallows eve” or “all saints day”]…which things because in God’s Scriptures they neither have commandment nor assurance, we judge them utterly to be abolished from this realm.”

Source: “Halloween: A Biblical Critique of James Jordan and American Vision,” page 3, http://www.reformedonline.com/uploads/1/5/0/3/15030584/halloween.pdf


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