Sinful Imitation Leads to Sinful Practice

The Protestant Standard:

“The imitation of any sin will make it much easier for a person to become caught up in the actual practice of that sin. Whether it be the pagan practices at the heart of Halloween or some other matter, it is a lot easier to get caught up in a sin when we have already been doing those things which imitate it. It is much easier to go to a nightclub when we have been a Christian disco, falsely so called. When sin closely resembles something which you are already doing then it is not a very big step to partake of that sin. People who would never normally have become involved in the occult are much more likely to do so at Halloween, for it is the occultist’s great recruiting day. The imitation of sin lends itself greatly to a person becoming attracted to, and ultimately entrapped and entangled in that sin.”

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