In Need of a Continual Repairing (On Sleeping and Preparing Food on the Sabbath)

Nicholas Bownd, Sabbathum Veteris et Novi Testamenti: or The True Doctrine of the Sabbath (2015):

Moreover, God has given to men liberty upon this day to prepare that food which is meet and convenient for everyone, that their bodies being thereby comfortably refreshed through God’s blessing, they might be the rather thereby fitted unto the cheerful proceeding in His service; which otherwise through their weakness might faint, and give over in the midst of it. For such is our nature, that we stand in need of a continual repairing by the creatures, and that every day. Therefore, though (as we have seen) the buying and selling of victuals, and carrying of them to and fro was forbidden, seeing that the other six days are given unto men for these purposes; yet the preparing of them, and making them serviceable for the use of man, according to the necessity of everyone, is that which cannot be done at other times, and yet men cannot want [go without] it, if they |203| will fruitfully hold out in sanctifying the Sabbath unto the end. And therefore this makes it lawful unto all men, when they do it in that manner and measure, that may most of all further them in God’s worship, which is the chiefest thing upon that day to be considered, and unto the which all other things ought to be referred. p. 217

So that though upon that day we may take our sleep, as well as upon any other day of the week, even as we may also our meat; yet we must not give ourselves to sleeping, no more than we may to surfeiting; according to the manner of some, especially great folks, and in great cities and towns, who lie longest in bed upon that day, as then also they have their greatest feasts, and so make that a day of carnal, fleshly, and worldly rest, and not of sanctified and holy rest. p. 361

[As Psalm 91:1] shows that the Sabbath as it consists of day and night, so we must spend the morning, evening, and whole day, yea some part of the night in praising and serving the Lord, so far as our necessary rest and sleep will permit us. p. 362

Source:, Comment #8


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