The Very Epitome Of What Paul Calls “Will-Worship”

“When we read that God condemns idolatry in the second commandment, we have to ask ourselves what idolatry represents. Idolatry is simply one of the most egregious examples of unacceptable worship. The making of images for use in worship is the very epitome of what Paul calls “will-worship” (Col 2:22-23). It is the archetype of all man’s attempts to worship God through the work of his hands. So in the second commandment, God forbids not only the making and worshiping of images, but any form of worship fashioned by the hands of men rather than by God…

…”The root problem is not the carving of a tangible token of the presence of God, but the fashioning of such a token without the express command of God. God did, after all, command the construction of a rather elaborate physical focal point for His worship, the tabernacle and later the temple, and the design included carved cherubim above a golden ark. But HE reserved the right to determine what was appropriate and what was not. Any carving was to be done at His direction, not at the whim of the worshiper.”

~Michael Bushell, Songs of Zion, p. 163-165



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