The Eternal and Unchangeable Wisdom that is in God

Melancthon, introduction to his treatise on the Decalogue in vol. 2. of his work:

“It is necessary to retain the usual division; the principal part of the law is called the moral, which is the Decalogue rightly understood.”…

“THE MORAL LAW is the eternal and unchangeable wisdom that is in God, and a rule of life, distinguishing what is right from what is wrong, commanding the one, and with severe indignation forbidding the other, the knowledge of which was in creation implanted in rational creatures, and afterwards often repeated, and by Divine voice proclaimed, that men might know that God is, and what He is, and that He is a Judge who obliges all His rational creatures to be conformed to Himself, to yield our obedience entirely accordant with His law, and accusing and destroying all that are not possessed of this conformity.”

Source: (about 1/3 of the way down the page)


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