We Give A Pass To All Those Prohibitions

“This post was a critique of how we as Christians—who strive to abide by God’s commands against mixing light with darkness, coveting, greed, the lust of the eyes and the flesh, causing others to stumble, and lying—will give a pass to all those prohibitions in order to celebrate a holiday Jesus never asked us to commemorate. A holiday that’s supposed to celebrate the birth of the One who gave us those laws, who fulfilled those laws, who never transgressed those laws, and then died a cruel death on a rugged Roman cross to redeem those of us who have spent a lifetime breaking those laws.”

~Pilgrim at Defending Contending, “A radical approach to December 25th: Why we won’t be celebrating Christmas this year.”

Read more: https://defendingcontending.com/2010/11/29/a-radical-approach-to-december-25th-why-we-wont-be-celebrating-christmas-this-year/

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