Can We Light A Fire And Dress Meat On The Lord’s Day?

Archbishop James Ussher, A Body of Divinitie, p. 247:

Is it then lawful for us to make a fire and dress meat upon the Lord’s day?

Yea certainly. Because these were proper unto the Pedagogy or manner of government of the children of Israel under the Law: as may appeare by this, that there was no such thing commanded before the Law was given by Moses; and consequently, being not perpetuall, must necessarily follow to be Ceremoniall. Now after the Sabbath that Christ our Lord rested in the grave, this Ceremoniall Sabbath lyeth buried in that grave, together with those other rites which were shadowes of things to come, the body being in Christ. (Col. 2.16, 17.) Therefore we being dead with Christ from these Ceremonies, are no more to be burthened with such Traditions, (ibid. ver. 20.) nor to be brought under the bondage of any outward thing. It is a liberty purchased unto us by Christ, and we must stand fast unto it: that blessed houre being come, wherein the true Worshippers are to Worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. John 4.23.

Source:, Comment 87


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