Sabbath Breaking is one of the Best Ways to Ensure the Devastation of our Churches and our Nation

“Have you ever wondered why the Lord chose to exile Israel for exactly 70 years? In accordance with the warning the duration of the exile was in proportion to the duration of the time in which God’s people had neglected His Sabbaths. … In a preface to the covenant curses as well as in the express words of these curses, the Sabbath was given a prominent place. It was not the only reason for the exile, but it was the sole factor that determined the length of the exile. In light of this fact should not the wide spread Sabbath breaking of our day, cause us great alarm. If Sabbath breaking is cited as a cause for sending Israel into exile, how long will God patiently observe our disregard for His day before severely chastening our sin. Sabbath breaking is one of the best ways to ensure the devastation of our churches and our nation, just as it was for Israel.”

~Ryan McGraw, The Day of Worship: Reassessing the Christian Life in Light of the Sabbath, cited in Steve Richardson (Faith Presbyterian Church [ARP], Ontario), “The Sabbath Part 3, A Holy Rest: Keeping the Sabbath,” a sermon preached on September 18, 2016.

Source:, Comment 1


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