Contempt of the Redeemer

“In the violation of the Sabbath there is the greatest disregard to, and contempt of the Redeemer, and the great work of our redemption. The Christian Sabbath is a standing memorial of this work; as the seventh day was of the finishing of the work of creation. On that day God ceased from creating, pronounced his works all good, and took pleasure in them. “He rested and was refreshed.” [Exod. 31.17.] By this he fixed a Church state connected with an eternal rest for man. The Sabbath was also a pledge of that rest. To profane that day was to contemn the work of creation, the constitution of the Church, and that rest which God connected with it. Redemption by Christ is the foundation of the new creation. This gives rise to a new and more glorious Church state, connected with more excellent privileges, and a much more glorious rest. All this is for sinners of mankind. In this work there is a display of astonishing love and condescension, by the Son of God. He undertook our cause, assumed our nature, and secured our salvation. To commemorate this the Sabbath was instituted. From its special respect to Christ and his work it is denominated, “The Lord’s day.” [Rev. 1.10.] As this great work was for us, gratitude would say, that we ought to sanctify the {22} memorial of it. The Author of this work is entitled to all glory, all worship, and obedience from us. For this end the Sabbath is instituted. The work of redemption opens a wide field for our contemplation and spiritual exercise. In it the divine perfections are wonderfully displayed; and should excite our love, wonder, and adoration. By disregarding the Sabbath, we declare that the Author of our redemption has not performed any great work, that he has no claim to any honour for it, and that his work is of very little moment to us. We undervalue both the Redeemer and his work, as unworthy of our notice. We prefer our sinful and wretched condition, to that happy state, to which he has redeemed sinners. In his resurrection, on the first day of the week, he finished his victory over all his and our enemies, and consecrated this day to be a rest to us, by enjoying communion with him in his victories. By profaning the Sabbath, we prefer the abject slavery of sin and Satan, to the most happy liberty in him. We cannot conceive sin more aggravated than in this case. Every thing great, amiable, and glorious in God is despised; and all that is valuable to ourselves, is vilified and rejected.”



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