I Will Not Willfully Offend God

John Nelson— Methodist itinerant minister:

Opposition on the Grounds of Fanaticism
Tested on His Sabbath-Keeping

 So great was the change that was wrought in him, and so much was he filled with the Holy Ghost, that the persons with whom he lodged became alarmed, and ordered him to quit his lodgings at a day’s notice. He was now working for a master who had a contract under the Government, and on the first Saturday after his conversion, the foreman ordered him to come on the Sabbath and look after some men who were to work on that day. This he at once refused to do. He was threatened with immediate dismissal, but calmly replied, ‘I cannot help it, though it may be ten pounds out of my way to be turned out of my work at this time of the year, I will not willfully offend God; for I had much rather want bread; nay, I would rather see my wife and children beg their bread barefoot to heaven, than ride in a coach to hell.’ As the result of his steadfastness, the Sabbath work was not done, neither was he discharged, but more fully trusted and valued. Having found salvation, he was not satisfied to remain in London, and leave his family and friends in Yorkshire ignorant of the way of salvation and careless in their sins. While at the Lord’s table in St. Paul’s, he was deeply impressed that he ought to return home, and although it involved loss of money he resolved to go back, and tell his family and neighbours what the Lord had done for his soul.

Source: http://thecontinuingwitness.com/menu/id/54/The%20Lord%27s%20Day


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