A Stench to the Puritan Nostrils

Alice Morse Earle on the early American refusal to celebrate Chrismas [Note: it is the position of this blog that Christmas never was a “Christian” holy day]:

The holy days of the English Church were as a stench to the Puritan nostrils, and their public celebration was at once rigidly forbidden by the laws of New England. New holidays were not quickly evolved, and the sober gatherings for matters of Church and State for a time took their place. The hatred of “wanton Bacchanalian Christmasses” spent throughout England, as Cotton said, in reveling, dicing, carding, masking, mumming, consumed in compotation’s [heavy drinking], in interludes, in excess of wine, in mad mirth,” was the natural reaction of intelligent and thoughtful minds against the excesses of a festival which had ceased to be a Christian holiday, but was dominated by a lord of mis-rule who did not hesitate to invade the churches in time of service, in his noisy revels and sports…

Read more: https://regenerationandrepentance.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/before-christmas-was-in-america/


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