A Tower Whereon We Should Mount Aloft

John Calvin, “Fifth French Discourse (on the Sabbath) to the people of Geneva on the Ten Commandments:” [20]

“The Sabbath should be for us a tower whereon we should mount aloft to contemplate afar the works of God, when we are not occupied nor hindered by anything besides, [so] that on Monday and the other days of the week we shall abide in the grateful remembrance of our God…. It is for us to dedicate ourselves wholly to God, renouncing ourselves, our feelings, and all our affections; and then, since we have this external ordinance, to act as becomes us that is, to lay aside our earthly affairs and occupations, so that we may be entirely free [21] to meditate the works of God…. And when we shall have employed the Sabbath in praising and magnifying the name of God and meditating His works, we must  through the rest of the week  show how we have profited thereby.”

~ qtd. in “Calvin on the Weekly Sabbath” by Rev. Dr. Prof. F.N. Lee, http://www.dr-fnlee.org/calvin-on-the-weekly-christian-sabbath/7/


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