He Has Hid This Day And Other Days

“If it had been the will of God, that the several acts of Christ should have been celebrated with several solemnities, the Holy Ghost would have made known to us the day of his Nativity, Circumcision, presentation to the Temple, Baptism, Transfiguration, and the like… If the principal works of God advance some days above others, all the days of the year should be holy. If we should honour the memory of Christ’s acts, all days likewise should be holy, because every one of them is full of his miracles. Christ by his actions did no more consecrate the times wherein they were wrought, than his body did the manger or the cross. Not Christ’s action on a day, but his institution makes a day holy. If Christ’s actions advance and consecrate the days whereon they were wrought, the days ought to be known… You see then, as God hid the body of Moses, so has he hid this day and other days depending on the calculation of it, wherein he declared his will concerning the other days of his notable acts.”

~Perth Assembly, p. 79-80.

Source: https://purelypresbyterian.com/2016/11/03/8-reasons-holidays-should-not-be-observed/


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