Not of Canon But Of Custom

“I am of opinion, that as many other things crept in of custom in sundry places, so the feast of Easter to have prevailed among all people of a certain private custom and observation insomuch that not one of the Apostles hath any where prescribed so much as one rule of it to any man. The success and event hath manifestly declared unto the world, that of old it was observed, not of Canon, but of custom. And a little after, they that keep Easter the 14th day of the month, bring forth John the Apostle for their Author. Such as inhabit Rome, and the West parts of the world, allege Peter and Paul for themselves, that they should leave such a tradition, yet there is none of them that can shew in writing any testimony of theirs for confirmation and proof of that custom.”

~Socrates (380-439 AD), Church History, book 5, chapter 22.



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