A Resurgence of Biblical, Reformed, Puritan and Expository Preaching

“Pastors simply appear unable to discern what expectations should be fulfilled in their ministries. This common root problem has often been referred to by others in terms of ‘preaching without soul,’ ‘hollow men with hollow ministries,’ or even ‘the lack of a divine center in the ministry.’ Younger men in the ministry today are more concerned about ‘success’ than godliness and faithfulness. Preaching requires sustained and tedious effort over many years in order to reap significant and measurable harvests; it often cannot be calculated or observed in its effect because the results occur in the realm of the spirit. Unless the pastors who preach are profoundly spiritual in their orientation, then preaching will continue to be devalued and will eventually be disposed of altogether. … [Modern ecclesiastical problems] simply challenge them to counteract these forces with a resurgence of biblical, reformed, Puritan and expository preaching.”

Michael F. Ross, Preaching for Revitalization: How to revitalize your church through your pulpit, pp 132-33.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/91511-A-resurgence-of-biblical-reformed-Puritan-and-expository-preaching, Comment 1

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