Free from Lawlessness

Kodos on the Puritan Board:

Often people when stating that “Christ came to set us free from legalism” forget too that “Christ also came to set us free from lawlessness (sin).”

I think it is interesting that of all the Commandments, the 2nd and 4th Commandments are the most heavily under assault within the Church. Both directly are connected with the Worship of God.

But it is no wonder that Satan and the Sinful Nature despise the 4th Commandment. It is the Commandment that gives us time for deepened Communion with God, for being fed by the Means of Grace, for proclaiming Salvation to the Lost, for Performing Deeds of Mercy to the Poor and Afflicted.

It is rest for those who have labored, both physically and spiritually – those who have been slaves to sin and the world. It is a time of refreshment for the Church. It is time spent when her Lord recharges her, and gives her the Spiritual Food for the following 6 days of warfare. It loudly proclaims the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, that this world is passing away, that a New Creation has come, old things have passed, all things being powerfully brought under the feet of Jesus Christ. It teaches us of the gospel – that salvation is not by works, but by rest in the finished work of Christ. It gives us a foretaste of heaven, time being spent with our Lord and His People for all eternity. It should excite us that heaven will be like this, yet more glorious!

In kindness we also have strangers to the promises of God (Exodus 20:10) cease from their labors towards us so that they too can hear of these things and may be saved by the faithful preaching of the Word of God (Romans 10:17) by the working of the Spirit. We do not try to shut them out of the means of grace, praying that they too will come and attend the worship services and hear of the spiritual rest that is found in Jesus Christ, and that they may be saved.

Powerfully bound up in the 4th Commandment are Love to God and Love to Neighbor! How can the Church not see these things, as we see people wishing instead to waste away the day on trifles, and vanities. The pots of meat back in Egypt as it were.

No wonder Satan and the Sinful Nature of our Flesh have managed to deceive ourselves that the Sabbath is Cruel, Unkind, Uncharitable – when it is the very opposite of all of these things.

The Super Bowl attempts to rob God of His Glory, and to weaken God’s People.

So yes, please do decry legalism. But decry true legalism, and do not decry the Sabbath Day of the Lord – where Love to God and Love to Neighbor are rightly and lawfully expressed.

Source:, Comment 17


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