Worship Wars

“Worship wars”–the Bible is full of them. The first one involved Cain and Abel, leading to the first murder in the history of the world. Aaron presided over one that involved a golden calf that the people insisted on worshipping in a similar fashion to the pagans around them. The question asked by the Samaritan woman of Jesus (John 4), to judge between the competing Jewish and Samaritan worship claims, represents still another worship war. Today, after skirmishes of varying durations, many churches have traded in a simple, reverent and Bible-centered liturgy–preaching, congregational singing, prayer and offerings of thanksgiving—for a worship format conforming as closely as possible to contemporary culture–talk-show format, preaching to felt needs, drama, entertainment provided in a soft-rock format to passive audiences.

Does The Way We Worship Really Matter?

Read more: http://frcna.org/messenger/messenger-articles/item/7438-


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