Let Them Have More Of Jesus Christ

Robert Traill (By what Means may Ministers best win Souls), Works 1:247:

It was a sad observation of the fourth century, that it became a matter of learning and ingenuity to be a Christian. The meaning was, that too much weight was laid on notions and matter of opinion, and less regard had unto the soundness of the heart and holiness of the life. In the beginning of the Reformation from Popery, the worthies whom God raised up in several countries, did excellently in retrieving the simplicity of the gospel from the Popish mixtures. But that good work took a stand quickly, and is on the declining greatly. How little of Jesus Christ is there in some pulpits! It is seen, as to success, that whatever the law doth in alarming sinners, it is still the gospel-voice that is the key that opens the heart to Jesus Christ. Would ministers win souls? Let them have more of Jesus Christ in their dealing with men, and less of other things that never profit them that are exercised therein.

Source: https://www.puritanboard.com/threads/the-gospel-voice-opens-the-heart-to-christ.91104/, Comment 1


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