Halloween and the Occult

David J. Meyer:

Witchcraft is very real but greatly misunderstood. I know because witchcraft goes back on the paternal side of my family for over five generations to Chesterfield, Massachusetts in 1770.

My great grandmother became a well-known witch in Wisconsin in the early days of this century. Caroline was a blind witch and used her fingers to read palms and also became adept at putting “the hex” on people.

Many spooky things would happen in our family…

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Why Desire To Be Part Of Ungodly Worship?

Heart of Wisdom homeschooling on Christians observing Halloween:

“Those who disregard God’s warning and make contact with occult spirits risk terrible repercussions in the form of misery, sickness, insanity and even early death. Why do people living in this age, especially Christians, desire to be a part of any ungodly worship? This pagan belief, even celebrated by Christian churches, celebrates the union of gods and a goddess in the universe that supposedly control the seasons, bring fertility to crops and animals, and bestow magical powers on their followers.”

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Churches Targeted At Halloween

Hundreds of churches across Britain have taken up Government funding to protect themselves against pagans.

Many fear they will be targeted tomorrow when witches and Satanists celebrate Halloween, with reports of human skulls and bird carcasses being found strewn on church altars.

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Halloween and Christian Fall Festivals

A Puritan’s Mind:

“Bob may tell Jack that he is going to his church’s Fall Festival held as an alternative to Halloween. Why do Christians need alternatives to pagan festivals? What is this? What do they think they are missing by not worshipping all that is cold, dark and dead? Why are they out to redeem the unredeemable? The Fall Festival is supposed to replace Halloween by taking a day surrounded by demonic influences, and regress nostalgically to the fall festivals of the Druids. The Druids were engaged in many of the same ideas of celebrating fall as the Fall Festival purports. Does this make sense? The only difference in its outward manifestation is that the Druids sacrificed animals and humans while worshipping a pagan idol, and the realm of nature, where Christians are having “fun” (not worship) around a Fall Festival they are trying to reclaim back for God. When was God ever in dire need of reclaiming pagan influences, or demonic worship back to Himself? The Bible speaks vehemently against the practices to do away with them, not reclaim them. There is nothing inherently good in them to reclaim! “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:10–12) Where is the voice of reclamation here? The Scriptures tell us to fight against the wiles of the devil (and principally that means in every way). Opening ourselves up to the spiritual warfare of the malicious devil by candidly partaking in a day which has its roots in the person and work of the devil cannot be accepted by the Christian who is reading their Bible. God exhorts us vehemently, “Learn not the way of the heathen (Jeremiah 10:2).” Paul exhorts us in another context that “…I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils (1 Cor. 10:20).” Why would we want to? Rather, “Submit yourself to God, Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7).” Resist him! Do not make him attractive by decorating the sanctuary of God with leaves and bushels of hay and dressing up the children as clowns or cowboys.”

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Inconsistency of Professing Christians

Christian Watch:

“Bible-believing Christians cringe and shudder at the thought of Satan worship and occult rites. But how many of these same people will dress their children as witches, ghosts, skeletons, or devils and send them out to “trick-or-treat”? How many smile approvingly at the church or Sunday school and youth organizations that have Halloween parties and sponsor “haunted house” activities?

Can any Christian give any scriptural–or even logical–reason for participation in, or approval of, that which is unmistakably associated with paganism, devil-worship, witchcraft, and Romanism?”

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Halloween and Animal Sacrifice

End of the American Dream:

“There is a reason why many animal shelters and pet stores refuse to adopt out black cats in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

The following comes from an article in the New York Daily News….

“This is a time when blood rituals take place,” said Hedy Litke, director of animal placement at the ASPCA. “Black cats are often sacrificed.”…

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Sinful Imitation Leads to Sinful Practice

The Protestant Standard:

“The imitation of any sin will make it much easier for a person to become caught up in the actual practice of that sin. Whether it be the pagan practices at the heart of Halloween or some other matter, it is a lot easier to get caught up in a sin when we have already been doing those things which imitate it. It is much easier to go to a nightclub when we have been a Christian disco, falsely so called. When sin closely resembles something which you are already doing then it is not a very big step to partake of that sin. People who would never normally have become involved in the occult are much more likely to do so at Halloween, for it is the occultist’s great recruiting day. The imitation of sin lends itself greatly to a person becoming attracted to, and ultimately entrapped and entangled in that sin.”

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Redeem the Pagan Shrines

A 2nd Generation of Homeschooling:

“Never did God say, “Take the Asherah poles and idols and make them into holy monuments to me… Place my relics upon their altars. Redeem the pagan shrines for me…”

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The Peasants Clung to the Old Pagan Beliefs and Customs

Compton’s Encyclopedia (1978 Edition):

“Customs and superstitions gathered through the ages go into our celebration of Halloween, or ‘Holy Eve’, on October 31. The day is so named because it is the even of the festival of All Saints, but many of the beliefs and observances connected with it arose long before the Christian Era, in the autumn festivals of pagan peoples…. Even after November 1 became a Christian feast day, honoring all saints, the peasants clung to the old pagan beliefs and customs that had grown up about Halloween…. Our Halloween celebrations today keep many of these early customs unchanged.”

Source and read arguments why Christians should not celebrate Halloween: http://www.letgodbetrue.com/bible/holidays/halloween.php

Doomed to Wander in Darkness

World Book Encyclopedia (1959 Edition):

“Jack-O’-Lanterns were named for a man called Jack, who could not enter heaven or hell. As a result, he was doomed to wander in darkness with his lantern until Judgment Day.”

Source and read arguments why Christians should not celebrate Halloween: http://www.letgodbetrue.com/bible/holidays/halloween.php