We DO Sing Jesus’ Name In The Psalms

Reformed Books Online:

“We often sing of ‘salvation’ in the psalms.  The Hebrew word for salvation is ישועח  yeshua, which, transliterated into Greek, is Ιησους, or ‘Jesus’.

(Yeshua, or ‘Joshua’, see Heb. 4:8, is the shortened form of Yehoshua, or ‘Jehoshua’, which is an abbreviated form of ‘YHWH is Salvation’, or ‘YHWH saves’.  See Thayer, Greek Lexicon, p. 300, et al.)

Thus, ‘his name [is] Jesus: for He shall save his people from their sins.’ (Mt. 1:21)

Yeshua (Jesus) can also be translated as ‘deliverance’, ‘rescue’, ‘safety’, ‘welfare’ and ‘victory’ (c.f. B.D.B., Hebrew Lexicon, p. 447).  Hence we sing Jesus’ name translated into English under these terms 43 times in the Psalms.  For all of the instances, see Wigram, Hebrew Concordance, pp. 575 (the English is the K.J.V.)…

…This interestingly, is more than in most hymn-books.  In the first 100 hymns of the Trinity Hymnal (ed. 1990), ‘Jesus’ is only mentioned 8 times, and that in only 4 of the hymns (4%).  ‘Christ’ is elocuted 10 times in 8 hymns (8%), and ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’ are only used in the same hymn (though not together) in 1 hymn (1%).”

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We Want to Sing the Name of Jesus!

“We don’t sing the Psalms in our church because they don’t mention Christ.”

That’s probably the #1 objection to singing the Psalms in worship. Setting aside the fact that the Psalms do (to put it mildly) “mention” Christ — after all, they are largely about Him, which is no wonder since He wrote them — that they prophesy His ministry, suffering on the cross, resurrection and rule over all creation — the fact is that the Psalms do not contain the words “Jesus” or “Christ.” Those words are not found in any of the 150 Psalms.

If the standard that governs what we are to sing in worship is only songs that use the words “Jesus” or “Christ” — and please tell me where in the Bible we find that commanded — then we ought to take a close look at popular hymns with that standard in mind. How many of them include the words “Jesus” and/or “Christ”? I went to http://www.hymnlyrics.org/ and clicked on “Popular Hymns” and read all the lyrics.  I also read all the lyrics to “The 100 Most Popular Christian Hymns” at http://www.popularhymns.com/  And I read the lyrics to all the hymns at http://www.hymnlyric.com.

I was amazed at what I found. Or more accurately, what I didn’t find.

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The Psalms Sing of God in Christ

Dr. Denny Prutow:

Believers do sing of the essential deeds of God in Christ using the Psalms. The Psalms lay the foundation of human depravity (Ps. 5:9; 10:7; 14:1-3; 36:1; 51:4; and 140:3). Psalm 32:1-2 leads God’s people in singing of justification by grace through faith in Christ. Psalm 117 leads believers in singing of the gospel going to the nations. Psalm 2 leads worshipers in singing about the opposition of the nations to Christ and His Kingdom. Psalm 22 leads the church in singing about several aspects of Christ’s crucifixion. Psalm 16 leads believers in singing about His resurrection. Psalm 110 leads believers in singing about Christ’s ascension and heavenly reign. Psalm 68 also leads the church in singing about His ascension. Psalm 118 leads Christians in singing about Christ’s coming, and of His coming again. Psalms 2:7, 45:6-7, 102:25-27, and 110:1 lead us in singing of Christ as our God and Creator. Psalm 40:6-8 leads believers to sing of Christ in His active obedience and in His once for all sacrifice for our sins. The Psalms are sufficient to lead the church in singing in public worship of the essential deeds of God in Christ.

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