This is not some Secondary Issue

“We have lost much attainment of our previous Reformations and have much declension. We must return to the old paths of our forefathers and start a new Reformation by regaining our previous attainments.

That first must with absolute necessity begin with worship. Contrary to what others may supposed think, worship is of primary importance. This is not some secondary issue. It is vital, absolutely vital. We need to reaffirm the regulative principle of worship but we must also reaffirm the primacy of pure worship.”

~Mint, Anise and the Cumin, “A Call To A New Reformation and A Return to the Primacy of Pure Worship”

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Dislike of the Purity and Simplicity

“Dislike of the purity and simplicity of the gospel worship is that which was the rise of, and gave increase or progress unto the whole Roman apostasy.”

~Puritan John Owen


Commonly a Sign of Impending Apostasy

“When interest in the churches begins to centre around the visual and the sensual it is commonly a sign of impending apostasy.”

~Iain Murray, ‘Sensual Worship – A Sign of Impending Apostasy’ (Banner of Truth Magazine, November 2010)


The Curse of Using Carnal Methods for God’s Work