The Spiritual Will Not Long Remain

“An appetite is being fed which in the past has led to the very abandonment of the Gospel. When satisfying the “natural” becomes acceptable in churches, the spiritual will not long remain.”

~Iain Murray



When Candles Go Up

“When candles go up, preaching comes down.”

~Protestant martyr Hugh Latimer



Commonly a Sign of Impending Apostasy

“When interest in the churches begins to centre around the visual and the sensual it is commonly a sign of impending apostasy.”

~Iain Murray, ‘Sensual Worship – A Sign of Impending Apostasy’ (Banner of Truth Magazine, November 2010)


Is Entertainment More Important Than Approval?

“…the Bible says we can’t get good fruit out of an evil tree. Is our entertainment more important than the approval of the Lord Jesus Christ?”

~Christopher J. E. Johnson, author, Fantasy Novels: Invitations to Hell

Source: quoted in the sidebar of

The Curse of Using Carnal Methods for God’s Work